Global Partners Governance is a social purpose company working to strengthen political institutions and improve the quality of political representation in countries around the world. We do this in two main ways.

First, our staff and associates work directly with politicians, parliaments and ministries in various countries to help them and their institutions work more effectively.

Second, we provide strategic analysis, advice and evaluation to international donor agencies and funders to

improve the way that international governance support is developed and delivered.

We believe that the quality of governance and representation depends as much on changing behaviour as institutional structure. Our website explains how we apply this theory of change in our projects.

It contains a range of practical tools and resources for parliaments, parties and practitioners. But also provides insights for donors in how to apply political economy analysis in practice.

Politically agile programming

GPG have developed a series of 'Politically agile programming' notes designed to show how political economy analysis might be applied in practice.

Guide to parliaments

A straightforward guide to parliamentary structure, the legislative process, outreach to voters and legislature-executive relations.


GPG's work encompasses project delivery, strategic analysis and evaluation. All of our work is characterised by a desire to find practical application for our insights.