Politics matters. Politics decides how power is distributed, shapes the interests of individuals, and influences the performance of government institutions. Engaging directly with politics is central to achieving any meaningful change.

With over a decade’s experience in more than 30 countries, GPG has developed a distinctively political approach to managing change and strengthening political institutions.

In the effort to create more resilient, responsive and effective political institutions, we start with individuals, not institutional architecture. Lasting change, we believe, ultimately depends on understanding people and politics more than structure and process.


GPG’s practical and political experience in diverse and complex countries is combined with its research, innovation and knowledge development work. We produce a range of resources on different aspects of political development, drawing on practical insights from our programmes to innovate on the process of managing political change.

Politically agile programming

GPG have developed a series of 'Politically agile programming' notes designed to show how political economy analysis might be applied in practice.

Guide to parliaments

A straightforward guide to parliamentary structure, the legislative process, outreach to voters and legislature-executive relations.


GPG's work encompasses project delivery, strategic analysis and evaluation. All of our work is characterised by a desire to find practical application for our insights.