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GPG is built around the belief that strengthening the institutions of representative politics is crucial to improving the quality of people’s lives.

Institutions that are more responsive, representative and resilient will produce better policy and legislation – and, by properly understanding the needs of citizens, will ultimately be able to better meet their needs in public services.

Since 2005 GPG has worked in more than 40 countries, supporting politicians, Ministers and civil servants, helping them to strengthen their institutions, and manage change in some of the world’s most complex and sensitive political environments.


Politically agile programming

GPG have developed a series of 'Politically agile programming' notes designed to show how political economy analysis might be applied in practice.

Guide to parliaments

A straightforward guide to parliamentary structure, the legislative process, outreach to voters and legislature-executive relations.


GPG's work encompasses project delivery, strategic analysis and evaluation. All of our work is characterised by a desire to find practical application for our insights.