15 years of GPG


Global Partners Governance celebrates its 15th anniversary! This is a very proud and special moment for us, and we thank all of our past and present members of staff as well as our exceptional Associates for all the extraordinary work we have achieved together.

For all of the second half of November, we will be looking back onto 15 years of strengthening representative politics with daily retrospective posts reflecting on GPG’s major collaborations, publications, and achievements. We hope these will put into light how our values and commitments came to take shape.

15 years – and to many more! You, our Partners, our Associates, our colleagues, will be instrumental in determining the future of GPG. We look forward to so many more projects and publications and events, and even though we cannot celebrate this milestone with you just now, it is with great anticipation that we look forward to meeting with you again.


Recent posts

We close our retrospective series remembering 15 years of GPG with a look on more recent events: in this time of crisis, we adapted our work to #COVID19 and published a series of blogs on remote democracy and online parliaments.

We are incredibly proud to collaborate with remarkably qualified Associates such as Former FCO Minister and Minister for Women & Equality Meg Munn who has worked with us for 10 years and is helping us build our resources on #GenderRepresentation in politics.

#Parliaments are the single most important representative institution in any #democracy, yet they remain widely misunderstood. Our Guides to Parliaments explain parliaments and their processes and identify ways to engage with them more effectively.

GPG has worked to support development in a range of political and policy areas in #Egypt since 2011, providing direct support in the parliament following the revolution and expert technical advice on legal and #ConstitutionalReform in the following years.

For the last blog Thursday of this 15th anniversary fortnight, we suggest this piece by our Head of Policy and Partnerships Maria Peiró Mir, in which she gives an account of our work against #HumanTrafficking in Honduras.

GPG would not have achieved 15 years of strengthening representative politics without its people. We are incredibly proud of Senior Project Manager Nur Saleh, who was highly commended as Young Consultant of the Year at British Expertise’s BEI Awards 2020.

GPG has been working in #Sudan since 2016 on improving service delivery through supporting improved, effective and inclusive #PolicyMaking at the national level, and exploring ways in which #LocalGovernance systems can be strengthened to be more responsive to citizens’ needs. GPG also worked on developing effective methods to channel voices of religious minorities into the political system and the implementation of reforms that would further #FreedomOfReligion and #FreedomOfBelief.

We feel very privileged to count Former Secretary General of the @SeneddWales Sir Paul Silk among our Associates. Paul lent us his first-hand expertise in #decentralisation and assisted us in many projects such as #Jordan, #Egypt, #Honduras or #Libya.

GPG’s Guide to Parliaments series explored the key processes and functions of parliaments around the world. This paper by Aileen Walker highlights some of the ways in which #Parliaments can develop #PublicEngagement strategies and services.

15 years of GPG – 15 episodes of Politics as Usual, our series of stories from people working in and around politics about what motivates them, why #PoliticsMatters, and what we might learn about the process of change.

15 years of expertise led GPG to collaborate at a high level with a wide range of countries’ governments. We have been working in Iraq for over 12 years on projects touching on parliament-government relations, anti corruption, or youth representation

In 15 years of existence, GPG has built strong expertise on managing political change. Our Politically Agile Programming series draws on insights from a range of sectors to provide politically smart, locally driven, and adaptative support.

Continuing our retrospective celebration of GPG’s 15th anniversary, we look back on the Guides to Decentralisation.

Visit former Home Secretary and GPG Associate Jacqui Smith’s page

Our first post for our celebratory 15th anniversary fortnight looked back onto our first blog: The Struggle of Parliamentary Assistance.