Project Delivery

GPG works directly with politicians, ministers, parliaments and political parties in many countries to improve the quality of representative politics.

Our distinctive theory of change informs all our work. It is based on three insights.

First, all governance projects depend on changing behaviour – and often changing political patterns of behaviour.

Projects which seek to reform institutional structures, improve capacity or train individuals are ultimately interested in improving the performance of the institution by altering the way the people inside the institution behave.

Second, the process of change starts by developing a shared understanding of the problem and its possible solutions.

Projects must begin by understanding why people behave the way that they do. We use political economy analysis tools to understand political, institutional and personal incentive structures. We then work with our local partners to develop a strategy for addressing them.

Third, political change cannot be implemented from the outside. It has to be owned by the people who will be directly affected by it.

Our projects seek to make local partners responsible for the design, delivery and measurement of the project. GPG’s role is not to implement, but to support and guide those who want to achieve meaningful change.