Strategic Analysis

GPG has conducted research and analysis for a variety of donor agencies and other international organisations on their approach to strengthening parliaments, political parties and governance more widely.

This strategic analysis comes in three forms:

Strategic Advice

We provide advice directly to donor agencies and other international organisations. For example, we worked with the Danish Foreign Ministry, on a project which led to the development of ‘How To’ notes for foreign ministry officials around the world. We helped the Ministry establish a multi-party institute to support the development of political parties around the world.

We have also provided advice to DFID on its approach to parliamentary and political party support, the UNDP’s Programme on Governance in the Arab Region, and to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on systems of domestic accountability and budget oversight.




We write and produce publications, frequently in collaboration with others which highlight developments and challenges in international democracy support.

These have included the first Global Parliamentary Report for the IPU and UNDP, as well as publications on the challenges of political programming for International IDEA, the development of parliamentary politics in the Gulf states for the London School of Economics and analysis of political parties in transitional states for the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy.

Tools and techniques

We have attempted to use the insights from our research and project delivery to develop our own tools and techniques to improve the way that support to parliaments and political is provided. The Politics of Parliamentary Strengthening by Greg Power was the first of these published in 2011, in conjunction with the WFD. More recently we have developed a series of ‘Political Insight’ notes which seek to highlight how political economy analysis can be applied to project design, delivery and measurement.

Our current focus is in developing new ways to measure impact in international support to governance programmes.