Uzbekistan – Memories and Hopes

On the occasion of her collaboration with GPG on the creation of an online course for the Uzbek parliament, GPG’s Associate and Former Deputy Chief… Read more »

Written by Baribess Alison SuttieNovember 19, 2020

In Defence of Political Parties

Stephen Gethins is a GPG Associate. He is a former Member of Parliament having served as MP for North East Fife from 2015-2019 . This… Read more »

Written by Stephen GethinsSeptember 17, 2020

Trade Unions and Transitions

Nick Sigler is a GPG Associate, former head of International Department of UNISON -Britain’s largest public service union- and former International Secretary of the Labour… Read more »

Written by Nick SiglerSeptember 10, 2020

Devolved Parliaments: Scotland

As part of our Parliamentary Responses to Crisis series, this is the third and last part of our articles about perspectives from each of the… Read more »

Written by Denis OagJuly 16, 2020

Devolved Parliaments: Wales

As part of our Parliamentary Responses to Crisis series, this is the second part of our articles about perspectives from each of the UK’s devolved… Read more »

Written by Sir Paul SilkJuly 10, 2020

Public Trust in Politics

Who gets your vote? One of the most interesting findings of the Hansard Society’s recently published Audit of Political Engagement 15 (2018) was that 32%… Read more »

Written by Aileen WalkerMay 8, 2018

Making Local Government Work for Women

With decentralisation firmly on the development agenda it’s important women aren’t left behind as powers are devolved from central, to regional and local government in… Read more »

Written by Sarah HaywardApril 18, 2018

Why Parliaments Need Good Access to Information

Members of Parliament need access to up-to-date and accurate information and expertise in order to perform their parliamentary duties, whether as individual representatives or as… Read more »

Written by Adrian Crompton and Rob ClementsJanuary 16, 2018

Development and Diplomacy

After this year’s general election, the UK government created dual Ministerial roles in the Foreign Office and the Department for International Development, combining diplomatic and… Read more »

Written by Chloe BaileyNovember 13, 2017

A Practical Guide to Decentralisation

Decentralisation is increasingly recognised internationally as a key element of good governance. When implemented well, it can lead to greater participation, efficiency and diversity. By… Read more »

Written by Chloe BaileySeptember 5, 2017

Politics, As Usual

What drives politicians and political behaviour? What are the incentives and motivations that shape the effectiveness of political institutions?  And how can we align individual… Read more »

Written by Chloe BaileyJuly 28, 2017

Promoting Gender Equality in Parliaments

Jacqui Smith and Kristen Sample Women account for half of the global population, yet represent less than a quarter of the world’s parliamentarians. The causes… Read more »

Written by Kristen Sample and Jacqui SmithMarch 22, 2017

‘The Politics of Parliamentary Strengthening’

‘The Politics of Parliamentary Strengthening’ is an article from GPG director Greg Power and is featured in this quarter’s The Political Quarterly. Greg writes: Parliament’s International Development… Read more »

Written by Greg PowerAugust 26, 2015