GPG began working in Honduras in 2016. With the use of our associates’ expertise, our focus during this project was on improving implementation of the Law Against Human Trafficking and the capacity of Congress to monitor legislation by working to support a post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) process, led by commissions of the National Congress including consultations, planning and coordination carried out with the Comision Interinstitucional contra la Explotación Sexual, Comercial y Trata de Personas (Inter-institutional Commission against Sexual, Commercial and Human Trafficking Exploitation – CICESCT) and other key stakeholders.

Managing Institutional Change

From 2016-2017 GPG worked with the Honduran Congress to improve the implementation of the Law Against Human Trafficking through a process of post-legislative scrutiny (PLS). Over a series of visits our project team worked with the Family, Children, Youth and Older Persons Committee and the Justice and Human Rights Committee to introduce the concept of PLS and guide the inquiry process, focusing on building capacity around planning, consultation and coordination. In doing so we worked closely with the Interinstitutional Committee against Sexual Exploitation in Children (CICESCT), an interagency commission with a mandate for monitoring the implementation of the human trafficking legislation.