GPG’s “Stronger with Women” project in Lebanon aims at increasing female political leaders and female voices in political decision-making across the Lebanese National and Municipal government, by supporting a wide spectrum of current and political future leaders and breaking down existing barriers to their participation.

This project is being implemented at different levels, mainly:

Women in political parties

  • Reducing gender gaps in political parties’ bylaws by establishing women-friendly practices and policies.
  • Building capacity of women members to reach decision-making positions.

Independent women

  • Providing women of expertise, striving to reach political decision-making positions, with support and visibility.
  • Supporting women to tackle local national issues in Lebanon, through drafting relevant recommendations on national policies.

Women in municipalities

  • Providing women with political and campaign skills, election strategy and personal development.
  • Enable women to consider candidacy in local elections and identify the factors influencing the political involvement and representation of women in their municipality.

The “Stronger With Women” project is in partnership with Atalanta, FiftyFifty and The Lebanese Organisation for Studies and Training (LOST)