GPG Response to Covid-19

The escalation of measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges to all organisations working internationally. The welfare of our staff, partners and Associates is our first priority and in accordance with government guidance, we are implementing a work from home policy across GPG. As an organisation with personnel and partners across the globe, GPG already has well-established remote working practices, which we use to ensure continuous contact and team working. In-person visits seem set to be disrupted for some time to come, so we will be using the coming days and weeks to build further on these processes, developing them to expand the range of services we are able to our partners remotely.

We remain in close contact with partners and beneficiaries in all our project countries, and will be closely involving them in development of these services, to ensure that they are both practically operable and tailored to their needs. Our projects are based on commitment and continuity of GPG’s dialogue, presence, progress and support over the long-term. The opportunity to use this period to create new ways of collaborating internationally is exciting, and our objective will be to make GPG’s extensive library of training materials available to a wider audience, alongside on-demand personal and interactive advice from our expert Associates and staff. We look forward to keeping you updated on progress of this initiative.

Adaptive programming and flexibility is intrinsic to GPG’s approach. We have developed and refined our KAPE approach over the last decade and, reflecting the complexity of the political environments in which we work, it is an intrinsically adaptive form of programming. All of our projects have had to be flexible enough to evolve and adapt along with the needs of the people with whom we are working, as political conditions change. In light of the current situation due to Covid-19, GPG has decided to expand on our unique approach to adaptive programming, ensuring that projects are designed, delivered and monitored in a way that they can respond flexibly and adapt to the evolving context.

Current circumstances present serious challenges, but also opportunities to reflect on the way we work, to do things differently, and in some cases more effectively. While we will no doubt encounter many difficulties, we know we have a superb team of staff and Associates, who have demonstrated their ability to think creatively and persevere in the most trying circumstances. We look forward to continuing to work alongside our partners around the world, and to exploring emerging solutions together.