GPG’s work encompasses project delivery, strategic analysis and evaluation. Our ‘know-how’ has been built by combining the experience in each of these three areas to inform and shape our approach to the others. This has resulted in a distinctive theory of change. All of our work is characterised by a desire to find practical application for our insights.

We provide a range of resources for; politicians, parliaments and political parties; practitioners seeking to manage governance support projects in country and; donor agency staff seeking to improve development strategy, project design and impact measurement.

Our resources are in three sections:

Politically agile programming

GPG have developed a series of 'Politically agile programming' notes designed to show how political economy analysis might be applied in practice.

Guide to parliaments

A straightforward guide to parliamentary structure, the legislative process, outreach to voters and legislature-executive relations.

News & Publications

GPG staff write and publish papers, often in conjunction with other organisations on a range of issues.