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GPG launches new Online Learning Platform

GPG has been working very hard in developing an online learning platform to ensure continuing support across projects during these tough Covid-19 times, but also to look for sustainable ways to organize, present and use all the wonderful and relevant material we produce. Associates have been essential to develop content for different projects and you will be involved in the platform as soon as we start rolling out completed courses for use. In the meantime, please watch this fancy video on what we have been working on here.

GPG blog series on Parliamentary Responses to Crisis

As you all know by now, as a response to COVID-19, we have launched a new weekly series of blogs titled Parliamentary Response to Crisis. This month we have contributions from our founder, the one and only, Greg Power, with Can analogue politics work in an era of digital scrutiny? The corrosive effect of Covid-19 on the informal politics of Westminster;

Alistair Burt´s on post Covid-19 scenarios with The Coronavirus crisis will end – preparation now is vital;

 Hannah Johnson’s Upholding human rights during coronavirus: a practical toolkit for parliaments;

Margaret Curran’s  Lebanon needs women’s leadership as women bear the brunt of Covid-19.

and our latest blog released jointly with IPU Parliaments upgrade on technology, identify the limits

All of our other blogs are available on our website. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, if you would be interested in submitting a blog for publication, please contact Maria.

Sudan Parliament Project

GPG holds virtual technical session with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front

This month it has been particularly exciting to hold a virtual technical session with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (armed group alliance), hosted by UNAMID, on becoming representatives in the upcoming Transitional Legislative Council. The session was led by Jeremy Purvis, Stephen Twigg, and our director Sue, and will be the start of our engagement with this group that will be joining the Sudanese political system formally, for the first time.

‘The First 100 days of Parliament

The Sudan Parliamentary team has been working on developing guidance around ‘The First 100 days of Parliament’ looking at the decisions that need to be made in order to have a properly functioning parliament and what kind of support do new MP’s need to carry out their work. The project is currently supporting various stakeholders (including political parties, civil society, and armed groups like the Sudanese Revolutionary Front) who are going to be appointed as part of the Transitional Legislative Council in Sudan (which is yet to be formed) which will benefit from this guidance.

Lebanon Parliament Project

Five political parties to have online sessions with GPG

Future Movement, Kataab, Free Patriotic Party, Lebanese Forces, and Progressive Socialist Party have agreed to participate in online sessions with GPG in the coming weeks. This is a big achievement for our team as power cuts have become commonplace during the pandemic and getting people to actively contribute online is not the norm in the country. One of the parties, Amal movement, prefers to pursue the sessions after the end of COVID-19 in person. The successful and continuous engagement from the team has allowed for this relationship to continue despite the circumstances- congratulations team!

GPG’s Lebanon Female Political Participation project has been working on developing the online course on Gender Policy which is now uploaded on our new GPG platform and ready for review. This course includes interviews amongst our star Associates dealing with relevant topics for the project: e.g an interview on gender policy and political party between Margaret Curran and Alistair Burt; ongoing case studies/interviews with politicians from different countries to support the gender policy modules or exercises developed with our local partners to foster skills amongst female candidates.

GPG and fiftyfifty have also reached a final agreement on independent candidates where the selection made to enroll the women selected on the basis of scorecards to participate in the project in addition of few women who were previously selected by our partner.

Iraq Project

Iraq appoints new Prime Minister

Iraq has a new Prime Minister! The Iraqi Council of Representatives approved the appointment of Mustafa al-Kadhimi on the 7th of May 2020. Iraq has had a government vacuum since the resignation of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, November 2019 as a result of mass protests in October 2019 highlighting Iraqi frustration with Government failures to its citizens. The restrictions that have been in place for Covid-19 are starting to ease, as Iraq has not witnessed the high level of deaths that had been feared. However, Kadhimi has a huge challenge ahead of him with the economy in crisis. Our GPG project team and associates have been working hard behind the scenes, through setting online course modules for our project partners in Iraq, and holding several virtual meetings and mentoring sessions. We will be holding several virtual consultation sessions with the Finance Committee and international experts on how the banking sector can help Iraq in response to the oil and pandemic crises. We have begun providing focused support to the Women’s Committee on the domestic violence law, and will be rolling out a course with the Parliamentary Directorate on responsive oversight to citizens’ needs, along with a series of consultations to finalise the inquiry report on Water Pollution in Iraq.  Stayed tuned for some exciting courses and materials being produced over the next few months

Sudan Human Trafficking Project

GPG to hold high-level online Conference on Human Trafficking and Forced Labour

The human trafficking team has been working on relaunching our event on ’Establishing a Regional Approach to Human Trafficking and Forced Labour’ that will now take place on Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 12:00 GMT+1 and you can register for the event here.

This online discussion will bring together 4 panellists from the UK, Bahrain, and Sudan to continue the dialogue between the Horn of Africa and the Gulf countries—to highlight efforts, share best practice and challenges in the fight against human trafficking in the region. It will be chaired by Stephen Twigg.

Please sign up and send any questions you might have in advance to

Team Update

GPG Welcomes New Associates

We are delighted to welcome new Associates to the GPG team!

Dr. Mohammed Abdelsalam Babiker is Associate Professor of International Law and Dean of the School of Law at the University of Khartoum, and founding Director of its Human Rights Centre. Professor Babiker had collaborated with GPG in the past when developing a PEA in Sudan for DFID. The teams have now reconnected with Professor Babiker and he will be supporting mostly the human trafficking Project in Sudan. Eve Burt is Director of Hive Support & a former political Campaign Manager with over 30 years of experience office management within Parliament. Lord Jonny Oates was appointed as a member of the House of Lords in 2015, during the coalition government he was Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, and, prior to that, Deputy Director of Communications in 10 Downing Street. David Green is a financial expert working as Adviser to the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland on Brexit and the City. A warm welcome to all of you!