GPG Lebanon Parliament Project News May 2020

Five political parties agreed to have online sessions with GPG

Future Movement, Kataab, Free Patriotic Party, Lebanese Forces, and Progressive Socialist Party have agreed to participate in online sessions with GPG in the coming weeks. This is a big achievement for our team as power cuts have become commonplace during the pandemic and getting people to actively contribute online is not the norm in the country. One of the parties, Amal movement, prefers to pursue the sessions after the end of COVID-19 in person. The successful and continuous engagement from the team has allowed for this relationship to continue despite the circumstances- congratulations team!

GPG’s Lebanon Female Political Participation project has been working on developing the online course on Gender Policy which is now uploaded on our new GPG platform and ready for review. This course includes interviews amongst our star Associates dealing with relevant topics for the project: e.g an interview on gender policy and political party between Margaret Curran and Alistair Burt; ongoing case studies/interviews with politicians from different countries to support the gender policy modules or exercises developed with our local partners to foster skills amongst female candidates.

GPG and fiftyfifty have also reached a final agreement on independent candidates where the selection made to enroll the women selected on the basis of scorecards to participate in the project in addition of few women who were previously selected by our partner.