GPG Sudan Parliament Project News May 2020

GPG to hold virtual technical session with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front

This month it has been particularly exciting to hold a virtual technical session with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (armed group alliance), hosted by UNAMID, on becoming representatives in the upcoming Transitional Legislative Council. The session was led by Jeremy Purvis, Stephen Twigg, and our director Sue, and will be the start of our engagement with this group that will be joining the Sudanese political system formally, for the first time.


‘The First 100 days of Parliament

The Sudan Parliamentary team has been working on developing guidance around ‘The First 100 days of Parliament’ looking at the decisions that need to be made in order to have a properly functioning parliament and what kind of support do new MP’s need to carry out their work. The project is currently supporting various stakeholders (including political parties, civil society, and armed groups like the Sudanese Revolutionary Front) who are going to be appointed as part of the Transitional Legislative Council in Sudan (which is yet to be formed) which will benefit from this guidance.