ONTV documentary finds GPG poll “the most representative of Egyptian Society”.

GPG poll on political parties a vital resource for Egyptian commentators 

Egypt’s political parties have faced huge pressures and expectations following the 2011 January uprising.  The upcoming 2015 legislative elections will further test parties’ capabilities of convincing the public that they offer solutions to their everyday worries.  To that end, GPG, with the support of Arab Partnership Programme (AP) and it’s local partner the Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA), commissioned a poll in early 2014 to canvas public opinion on political parties, and – critically – the factors that would make people more likely to vote for particular candidates and parties. Poll results and analysis can be found here.

The poll showed growing disillusion and discontent demonstrated by:
First, lack of confidence and scepticism in parties: the poll shows that 85.2% of surveyed citizens do not  trust the ability of the existing parties to form the government.

Second, 95.1% of surveyed citizens stated that they are not and never were members of any political party and 88.8% stated that they haven’t been invited to join any political party indicating lack of communication between parties and citizens.

Third, misconceptions on the key role of political parties and MPs, 99.1% of citizens stated that providing citizens with services is the most important role or at least an important role parties and MPs should play.

As parliamentary elections in Egypt draw closer, the poll continues to attract attention. On 6 December, ONTV, one of the most viewed Egyptian Satellite Channels, aired a documentary film about the poll, confronting a group of party leaders with the results and with the need for their parties to get their act together to increase their chances of winning votes and running a parliament that responds to people’s aspirations. To view ON TV’s documentary please click here.