‘Put parliaments at the heart of governance work’ International Development Committee tells DFID

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Global Partners Governance welcomes today’s publication of the International Development Committee (IDC) Report into DFID’s support to parliaments around the world.

The Committee noted that DFID had done much in recent years to improve its approach, but its main theme is that DFID needs to make parliaments central to its political programming, and in particular to draw more on the parliamentary expertise that exists within the UK.

The report argues that parliaments play critical roles in reducing poverty, conflict and corruption, in promoting economic growth and in shaping policy in key areas such as health and education.
Specific recommendations include that:

  • DFID should have a parliamentary dimension to all its major development programmes
  • Parliamentary strengthening should be understood as a long-term commitment
  • DFID make greater use of smaller expert organisations within the UK to deliver programmes, and
  • DFID support the development of world-class suppliers in the UK.

GPG welcomes all of these recommendations, and particularly – as a small expert organisation – the Committee’s statement that ‘the most effective parliamentary strengthening organisations are often small specialists.’  

GPG also supports the Committee’s recommendation of greater collaboration between UK organisations such as ourselves, believing it can only be of benefit to the quality of parliamentary assistance funded by DFID, and in turn the quality of politics in many countries around the world.

In its submission to the inquiry GPG emphasised the need for flexibility, agility and political astuteness in its parliamentary programming, including new ways of measuring political impact. The IDC recommended that DFID develop KPIs for its parliamentary strengthening work.  GPG will shortly publish its own KAPE methodology for the measurement and delivery of political programmes.  We hope that these will contribute to DFID’s own efforts in this area and look forward to seeing DFID’s responses to the Committee’s recommendations in due course.

Read the International Development Committee’s report here.


GPG Director, Greg Power, presented oral evidence to the International Development Committee on the 18 November 2014 following a written submission. To view our evidence follow the links below.