Adam Cygan

Adam Cygan is a Professor of Law at the University of Leicester, and the Director of distance learning development within the School of Law. He previously lectured at the University of Nottingham and at King’s College London, where he also completed his Ph.D.

His research interests are in the field of comparative constitutional law. This research examines the methods by which parliaments secure executive accountability and in particular the work of parliamentary scrutiny committees. He also has research interests in the field of EU Public law and governance, focusing on the relationship between national parliaments and the EU Institutions within the context of the decision-making process.

In collaboration with GPG, Adam analysed the role of the Egyptian parliament in the new Egyptian constitution of 2012, and visited Egypt to discuss the issue with stakeholders, including the Constituent Assembly.

In 2014-15 he was part of the GPG project that provided support to the Libyan Parliament and he is currently working on the decentralisation project in Egypt.

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