Alex Brazier

Alex is a specialist in parliamentary procedure and reform, including legislative process and financial scrutiny, parliamentary committees, parliamentary and constitutional reform. He was the Hansard Society’s Director of the Parliament and Government Programme. Previously, he was a Committee Specialist for a House of Commons Select Committee and also worked in the House of Commons Library.

Alex has published a wide range of books and articles on parliamentary issues including: Systematic Scrutiny, Reforming the Select Committees (2000), Parliament and the Public Purse (2000), Parliament, Politics and Law Making, (main contributor and editor, 2004), The Fiscal Maze; Parliament, Government and Public Money (lead author, 2006), Law in the Making (co-author, 2008). Alex holds a M.Sc. in social policy from the London School of Economics.

Alex has worked extensively for GPG in Iraq, providing support to the Iraq Council of Representatives in Baghdad and to the Governorate Council in Basra.


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