Dr. Cristina Leston-Bandeira

Dr Cristina Leston-Bandeira is a Senior lecturer at the University of Hull. She works on comparative legislatures, focusing in particular on the relationship between parliament and citizens. This has led her recently to focus on public engagement, parliamentary reform and the impact of the internet on parliament. She held an ESRC grant for a study on how parliaments manage their image and public engagement and, thanks to a British Academy grant, she organised a workshop on Parliaments in the Digital Age, for further study in this area. She has also edited a book on Parliaments and Citizens, which covers a very wide range of case studies across the world and provides a particular insight into parliaments’ use of new media and petitions. She has also edited the book Southern European Parliaments in Democracy, which has become a key reference for studies on newly democratic parliaments. She has established herself as an expert on the Portuguese Parliament, having several publications that have become standard works on the subject. She regularly gives advice and evidence to a range of parliaments on issues relating to public engagement. She is currently Deputy-Editor of The Journal of Legislative Studies, the Co-Convenor of the PSA specialist group on Parliaments and Legislatures.