Dr. Emma Crewe

Emma Crewe is an anthropologist working on politics, governance and identity in civil society organisations and parliament in the UK, South Asia and East Africa based at SOAS, University of London. Her research into international development began with NGOs in 1987 and into parliament with the House of Lords in 1998. She has recently finished a book about MPs’ work in the UK House of Commons and constituencies. The research on development and parliament have converged in new research projects – one on gender equality within Oxfam GB with the Danish Institute for International Studies and another on parliament’s role in poverty reduction in Bangladesh and Ethiopia with the Hansard Society. She is also a supervisor on the Doctorate in Management by Research at the University of Hertfordshire. Her previous books include Lords of Parliament: Manners, Rituals and Politics and Whose Development? An Ethnography of Aid (with E.A. Harrison).