Huda Abu Kassem

Huda is a Research Intern with Global Partners Governance UK. In this role, she is responsible for research and logistical support across Arabic speaking projects such in Sudan, Iraq and Bahrain. Also, translating official documents from Arabic to English and vice – versa. Moreover, she supports in managing relationships in Arabic across projects. In addition to this, she works with the International Organization for Migration, IOM UK as Cross-Cultural Facilitator and Consultant. Prior her work with IOM, Huda was Project Coordinator with a Syrian NGO where she was responsible for providing assistance to the project manager, monitoring daily progress with the team inside Syria, and providing administrative support for training, meetings, travel, and other administrative support to the project team. Also, she was Admin Officer and Executive Secretary with TAMAS (Syrian Civil Coalition) as well as Freelance Coordinator with International Republican Institute (IRI) in Turkey.

Huda founded women initiative for women empowerment in Syria in 2016. Currently, she is doing her MA in Gender Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies(SOAS). She holds a BA in English Literature from Damascus University. Huda is fluent in Arabic, has full professional proficiency in English, and beginner in Turkish and French.

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