Maria Peiró Mir

Maria has practical experience in managing political development projects funded by a wide range of donor organisations including the European Commission, DFID and the FCO. Having joined GPG in 2015, she has led several projects including working with parliamentary caucuses in the Fijian parliament aiming for cross party collaboration, supporting the Honduran Congress in its Post Legislative Scrutiny (PLS) of Human Trafficking Legislation and working on constituency office development and national strategy with Tanzanian Members of Parliament. She also provides support to other projects in Sierra Leone and Nepal. Her role also focuses on developing innovation and expertise at GPG. Drawing on her practical experience of project implementation, Maria works to identify and develop new and innovative areas of work, particularly in the combination of governance and technology (GovTech). Externally, Maria forges partnerships with organisations that complement GPG’s work and internally, she works to capture, consolidate and disseminate learning and expertise from GPG’s project portfolio.

Prior to joining GPG, Maria held internships at the Brookings Institution, the London Middle East Institute and at Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona (UPF). She holds a B.A. in Political Science from UPF and has an M.A of International Politics and Human Rights from City University London, her dissertation explored the non-religious reasons to support political Islam.

She is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English and German, has working knowledge of French.