Professor Magna Inácio

Magna Inácio is an associate professor and former director of the Center for Legislative Studies (CEL) at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG).  Her research interests include parliamentary development, coalition governments, the institutional presidency, and legislative parties. Currently, her researches are concerned with the Legislative-executive relations and institutional development of the Presidency in Brazil and Latin American. She has published co-edited books: Legislativo Brasileiro em Perspectiva Comparada (with Lúcio Rennó). (Ed. UFMG); Elites Parlamentares na America Latina. (Argvmentvm Ed, 2009) and chapters in “Algo más que Presidentes. El papel del Poder Legislativo en América Latina”. (co-edited by Manoel Alcantara Saez e Mercedes Garcia; Fundación Manuel Gimenez Abad 2011); O Congresso por Ele Mesmo. (edited by Timothy Powers e Cesar Zucco; Ed. UFMG 2011). She has published in journals such as America Latina Hoy and Jounal of Politics in Latin America.