Zoe Watts

As Head of Programmes, Zoe provides technical expertise, oversight and delivery of GPG programmes, as well as editorial leadership of its publications.

Prior to joining GPG, Zoe was a Senior Clerk in the UK House of Commons. As Clerk of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy, she provided procedural advice, committee management and team leadership.  She worked in Parliament from 2009 in several roles, including as Senior Specialist on the Foreign Affairs Committee between 2013 and 2017, acting as a senior adviser and policy analyst, as well designing and delivering research training to other committee staff in the House of Commons. 

Zoe also has substantial parliamentary development experience, having worked extensively with the Myanmar Parliament: in 2015 she conducted assessment and training missions for the House of Commons and for the UNDP, and in 2016, she worked full-time in the Burmese Parliament for a year, launching and running the House of Commons’ Committee Project. In this role, she designed and delivered on-job training for staff in core committee skills (research, briefing, committee management) to help them to better support committee members, as well as coordinating with other agencies including the UNDP, World Bank, and NDI. She has also worked with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the IPU.

Prior to working for the Parliament, Zoe worked as a research assistant for the UN Rapporteur on Torture, in various academic research roles, and in investment.

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